CODECAST RECORDER (from the instructor’s perspective)

Codecast can compile/interpret and execute a subset of the C and Arduino languages. Using this tool, the instructor is able to orally explain the entire code creation process while their interaction with a code editor and interpreter is recorded. The instructor can also explain different aspects of the coding process like testing, running, debugging and optimizing, with the help of several data and algorithm visualization modules. The learner can play back the explanation and moreover can take control at any time and experiment with the given code. This means the learner can interact directly with the code and try different ideas they may have had while listening to the teacher’s explanation: making their own changes to the code, testing with their own inputs, running the code step-by-step to better understand its behaviour, visualizing other parts of the algorithm or the data.

Clicking the record button starts the capture of audio as well as keyboard and mouse interactions with the active modules, including key presses, mouse clicks, drag-and-drops and text selection. The instructor is able to explain a complete “coding from scratch” process by starting the recording with a blank source code editor and typing the code one letter at a time. They may also copy/paste some existing code then modify it, and orally explain their changes while they are performing them. Another approach is for the instructor to pre-populate the code before starting the recording, then focus their explanation on the step-by-step execution of this code. Portions of the code may be highlighted to point out some of its aspects, and multiple visualization modules may be activated to help the instructor introduce specific concepts, algorithms or other relevant runtime information.
Once the instructor stops the recording, the recorded files are compressed and uploaded to a cloud service. A unique URL link is then generated for the recording to be shared or integrated in online learning platforms.

Test it

You can test the recorder but please note that your codecasts may be deleted at anytime. For any request, please email us

Click here to start using the Codecast recorder, choose the « guest » option.