CODECAST an interactive tutorial tool to teach and learn the C programming language effectively online

Codecast is an open-source C coding tutorial recorder and player that efficiently replaces videos and screencasts for coding tutorials. Using different types of visualization modules, it enables the instructor to orally explain the entire code creation process while their interaction with a code editor and interpreter is recorded. It also enables the learner to not only play back the explanation but also to take over control at any time in order to experiment with the given code. This means the learner can interact directly with the code and try different ideas they may have while listening to the instructor’s explanation.

Main characteristics

    • in-browser C language interpreter, paired with an event and voice recorder and player that synchronizes audio with source code edition
    • integrated development environment (IDE) with audio comments made by the instructor.
    • interactive tutorial tool that enables learners to modify and test code in the instructor’s tutorial itself.
    • step-by-step execution.
    • interactive input/output.
    • ACE editor with colored syntax highlighting.
    • multiple visualization modules (memory heap/stack, matrices, algorithms…).
    • accessible with subtitles.

Test Codecast from the learner’s perspective:


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