WEBLINUX a scalable in-browser and 100% client-side Linux IDE

WebLinux instantly boots Linux with a terminal, a code editor and a file browser, directly in the browser. It provides a 100% client-side and offline Linux OS environment based on a javascript emulated processor. Weblinux facilitates novice Linux users’ onboarding to start learning how to use the Linux OS, without the need to install any Linux server under the hood, which makes it extremely scalable.

Main characteristics

  • Linux OS 100% in the browser
  • Open-source
  • Extremely scalable with the need of any simple static http server (Github works fine)
    No need for learners to install Linux
  • A terminal with a full Linux system
  • 100% client-side execution
  • No need for instructors to provide Linux servers
  • No hosting cost for the institution that uses it. The tool is hosted freely on GitHub.
  • Local File Management (browserFS) and files sharing options through GitHub
  • Code editor (ACE-based): possibility for the learners to run C code
  • Available offline

Test it

Fullscreen version here : weblinux.remisharrock.fr